Chantal Lehmann


Chantal Lehmann


Lodesse is a brand of organic beauty products that offers naturally effective products designed around formulas that perfectly reproduce the synergy and intelligence of skin elements.
The components of Lodesse skincare products are the same vital components as those of your skin, in a plant-based version. During her appointments, Chantal Lehmann uses Lodesse skin care products for their natural virtues and their comfort of use, especially for facial massage.


Creators of beauty formulas

CODAGE formulates and manufactures in its laboratory your own skin care products to meet the specific needs of your skin. Inherited from the French pharmaceutical tradition, its know-how is based on the decoding of individual beauty problems, the perfect knowledge of the properties of the active ingredients used, as well as on the accuracy of their dosage. CODAGE is thus a sign of a return to the creation of tailor-made skin care products with innovative active ingredients to act exactly at the heart of the cells.