Chantal Lehmann

The HoliDesign License

by Chantal Lehmann

The expertise of the body massage, acquired in 20 years of travels, transmitted through educational trainings.

“My objective is to help you develop a right touch and above all a high technicality to work each area of the body in a precise and efficient way. You will learn to let go by using your body perfectly in the supports and especially to be in the abandonment of the ego. With this training, you will learn to do good to the other person in an unconditional way, but especially in the exact understanding of his needs.”

Chantal Lehmann

Holidesign Body massage training

650€ (before taxes)per day of training
The training lasts 9 days (8 days + 1 day of anatomy)


The quantity of techniques taught during this training is so rich that it will allow you to work over several years on very different, original and effective protocols. HoliDesign is a true world tour of techniques. 

Learn to perform a body massage in a very unique style, allowing you to work on all systems (blood, lymphatic, intestinal …)

You will leave with the HoliDesign license and diploma to practice according to the tradition of know-how.

Who is it for?

This training is for anyone who already has a good experience in massage and body care. It is essential to be in very good physical shape, to have a regular sport activity (“yoga is the best !”), and a healthy and alkaline diet.

What is taught?

The body is considered in its entirety while isolating each part. Each zone is worked on according to rituals with very different styles. For example, the foot will be worked in a classical way (deep work on the arch of the foot, mobilization of the metatarsals) but also in foot reflexology to harmonize the deficiencies or the fullness of the digestive system. The back will be done in several parts. The first time is used to locate knots and tensions on the towel (in Shiatsu and Tui Na). Then, on the skin, we will work the muscles according to the logic of the body. The buttocks and thighs are worked according to the “deep-tissue” techniques, but also all the techniques aimed at slimming, detoxifying and decongesting.

Good to know : To maintain the license, a day of paid training is in effect on each anniversary date of graduation. This day takes place in B2B, or duo maximum, with Chantal Lehmann, in order to allow you to receive an update, to ensure that your practice is in line with the know-how.