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Scientific effectiveness

of the HoliFitness®  massage

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The clinical study conducted is a huge success and scientifically proves the benefits of HoliFitness® rejuvenating facial massage by 

Chantal Lehmann.

The experimentation of the natural lifting HoliFitness®

on a panel of volunteers

Beyond the visible effects of the natural facelift on her patients, it was important for Chantal Lehmann that the science recognizes the effectiveness of her anti-aging facial protocol. To scientifically prove, or not, the benefits of HoliFitness®, the independent laboratory Spin Control conducted a seven months study. 

This ambitious in vivo study, unique in the field of research on the anti-wrinkle effectiveness and firming effect of facial modeling, allowed to :

Measure the reduction of wrinkles before/after HoliFitness® modeling,
Reveal the profound action of HoliFitness® modeling in the long term after a series of 10 sessions (recommended by Chantal Lehmann to get all the benefits of this treatment)
To show the efficiency of HoliFitness® modeling on the most significant number of people, on women as well as on men, on young as well as on mature skins.

The study was conducted using a sample of 23 women and nine men aged 38 to 60 years old.

They all had wrinkles on the crow’s feet, the nasolabial fold, the lion’s wrinkle, and slackened skin on the face.


What are the results

after one or more sessions of face massage?

The immediate action of HoliFitness® on the reduction of wrinkles is demonstrated.

The figures speak for themselves: only 30 minutes after a HoliFitness® facial massage, the measurements of the morphology parameters show that the effectiveness of the natural lifting is clearly observed on the three zones of the face most sensitive to wrinkles: 

An average decrease in volume of 43.2% of the main wrinkle noted
main wrinkle noted 43.2%

The crow’s feet (remember that the eye contour wrinkles are the first to settle on the face and that the skin in this area is particularly sensitive, making them difficult to treat). Immediately after the first session of HoliFitness®, a decrease in volume of 43,2% on average of the main wrinkle is noted; the best percentage of reduction obtained for this area reaches even 98.2%! 

A volume reduction of 34% on average of the frown line
Frown line 34%

The frown lines (located between the eyebrows on the forehead, the inter-brow lines or glabellar lines are the results of inevitable repeated muscular tension and the loss of elasticity of the dermis, which can be influenced by mechanical action…): a volume reduction of 34% on average is observed, reaching 98.5% for the highest percentage of reduction obtained 

An average volume reduction of 36.5% of the nasolabial fold
nasolabial fold 36.5%

The nasolabial fold (the “labio-nasals” result from an evolution of the skin-fat duo on the orbicular muscle of the mouth. The methods of the HoliFitness® protocol are used to fight against this process) A significant volume decrease of 36,5% on average is noted. 97.6% is the strongest percentage of reduction measured.


30 minutes after a HoliFitness® facial

0 %
of the panel felt their skin was "softer and smoother."
0 %
felt that their skin was "lifted," "regenerated," and "smoother." After five sessions

After 5 sessions

0 %
report an "immediate tightening effect" and "skin that looks younger" and "more luminous."
0 %
feel that their "fine lines are less visible," and their "skin is visibly plumped up," also affirming that "the modeling provides an immediate tensor effect."

At the end of the protocol

The deep re-densifying action of HoliFitness® is demonstrated.

The protocol works in depth: by improving microcirculation, by bringing oxygen and nutrients to the cells, it acts on this part of the dermis which, as it ages, loses density and which scientists call “the dark band.” The gap between the deep and superficial dermis is reduced, and the skin’s “mattress” is reconstituted.

Thus, with regular follow-up, as in this scientific study, one session per week for the first month to boost cell renewal, followed by a monthly maintenance session for several months, the in-depth restructuring of the dermis is assured.
After ten modeling sessions, the re-densification observed is significant. It is, on average, 6.6%, which is a significant result: according to a laboratory technician, it would take more than six months of twice-daily application of firming cream to achieve a result that is probably less…

The firming action of the HoliFitness® treatment is also proven.
After ten sessions, measurements taken by a high-tech device measuring the differences in elasticity reveal that the average decrease in the deformation volume is 15.8 %, which translates into a clear improvement in the skin’s firmness. The skin is better supported, and its envelope is less slack.

A 100% satisfaction rate among the panelists!

After their tenth and final HoliFitness® treatment session, the panelists are:

0 %
to find their skin more supple and toned
0 %
to find their skin firmer
0 %
to find it "younger", "smoother", "regenerated", "visibly plumped" and "rested
0 %
of people testify that those around them "noticed that they had done something to their face

Overall, 72% of the panelists consider the results obtained to be “sufficiently visible” and 94% would recommend this modeling as a 100% natural method to fight skin aging over the long term.

Inner well-being as a bonus

The natural power of the hands and Chantal Lehmann’s know-how are mandatory… The study reveals that HoliFitness® facial modeling provides, in addition to its visible benefits “on the outside,” real inner well-being: 91% of the panelists report this after the 7-month protocol. A benefit that other anti-aging methods can hardly claim!

The conclusion on the scientific level is clear, and the independent laboratory Spin Control thus provides us with particularly positive concrete and scientific elements.

As a reminder, facial massage is intended for both men and women, for young and mature skin.