Chantal Lehmann

by Chantal Lehmann

A unique know-how coming from ancestral techniques from the four corners of the world, transmitted for 25 years to renowned brands of care and Spa, as well as to professionals of massage.

Train yourself

in the art of anti-aging massage

When Chantal Lehmann creates protocols for a brand, the first question she asks is “How long do you want your protocol to be taught?”. The shorter the teaching, the easier the protocol. The longer the teaching, the more complex, in-depth and quality protocol can be imagined.

Our profession is a craft. We must devote time to our education and not imagine becoming an expert in two days. It is not possible, and it would be a lack of respect for oneself and for the long journey of learning.

Over time and with experience in the choice of trainings, one must make sure of the heritage of one’s own trainer, teacher, gurukkal (from Sanskrit “Teacher”), master, transmitter, guide, and feel in adequacy with the proposed teaching.

“One must make the choice of the heart”

Massage training

by Chantal Lehmann

The HoliFitness® license

Train yourself in anti-aging facial massage with Chantal Lehmann

The HoliDesign license

Formez-vous aux techniques uniques du massage du corps avec Chantal Lehmann

My philosophy

of learning anti-aging massage

The best practitioners are those who know how to take care of themselves and respect themselves. To practice with passion, it is essential to be in tune and balanced, to acquire the ability to anchor and align oneself. This requires a good night’s sleep, a healthy diet, good breathing with a flexible and mobile diaphragm, and regular and intelligent sports activities. By following one of Chantal Lehmann’s trainings, you will learn proven massage techniques, but also a holistic work philosophy, which will bring you an unparalleled balance in your life.

Be part of a community

of shared experience

To follow a Chantal Lehmann training is to offer a gift to oneself: that of an educational retreat in order to receive immense knowledge and live a unique experience. 

Licensees benefit from an exclusive geographical partnership. 

Stéphanie Damour

Ile de la Réunion

Sandrine Sejourne


Cindy Desbrosses

Lille (Linselles)

Alexia Diverrez

Docteur Christophe Bailleux, du cabinet Infinity


Isabelle Vigliandi

Paris, 18e

Cécilia Ballereau


Sarah Steiner

Paris, Monaco