Chantal Lehmann

Balinese massage

Indonesia, 2013

Working on specific areas

Balinese massage is at the crossroads of Ayurveda and Chinese and Indian massage techniques. It uses the basic elements (air, water, fire) and acts on the nervous, digestive, and hormonal systems. It is a relaxing and invigorating massage that stimulates the body’s energy points.

Learning Balinese massage

byChantal Lehmann

In January 2013, after being treated for six months for breast cancer, I felt the need to take one month away from Parisian life and pollution to detoxify myself from the products of the treatment, regain possession of my body and decant the disease. So I went to Indonesia. There, I discovered the Balinese massage technique.

On January 26, 2013, I graduated from the Sangsta Natural Holistic Healing Center in Bali, Indonesia.

The other techniques of the world

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