Chantal Lehmann


Thailand, 2006
China, 2009

The magic of the body

Reflexology is a natural therapeutic method based on the principle that reflexes in the body correspond to other parts, glands and organs. By applying pressure on certain body parts, we can relieve tension and pain but also act on anxiety, stress and hormonal and digestive problems.

Learning reflexology

by Chantal Lehmann

The session starts with a pulse and an observation of the tongue. This technique is usually integrated into the HoliDesign session. Foot reflexology by CL takes place lying on the stomach, the spine aligned with the head in the headrest, with the feet resting on a large pillow (soft to firm 😉) which will help absorb some pressure.

Learning Thai reflexology

The first approach to reflexology was made at Wat Pho, Bangkok, Thailand, in 2006. Historically, the teachings were reserved for the Thai people. Faced with the craze of Westerners, the temple school built a school dedicated to the Thai people and another to Westerners.
I was lucky enough to be able to follow the Thai school’s teaching and an apprenticeship where, dealing with the language barrier, only the experimentation of touch was taught. In this school, a master was dedicated to only two disciples.

The apprenticeship took place like an inner meditation, where only the sensations transmitted by the master were authentic. Reflexology is practiced with carved wooden sticks for precision and finger protection.

Learning Chinese Reflexology

Chinese reflexology is done with the fingertips, and the sensations are completely different without removing the technique’s effectiveness. I had the opportunity to acquire knowledge of Chinese reflexology in 2009 at the Ling School in China during my training in Chinese medicine.

The other techniques of the world

de Chantal Lehmann