Chantal Lehmann

Lomi Lomi

Hawai, 2000

The harmony of the elements

Lomi Lomi is a Hawaiian healing technique. This technique was originally practiced by the master healers of the Pacific Island, seeking to recreate the harmony of the four elements and to facilitate the passage between the different phases of life. Mainly using the forearms, the practicing therapist will constantly be moving, imitating the back and forth of waves. The vigorous movements promote blood and lymphatic circulation while releasing muscular tension throughout the body, which promotes sleep.

Learning du Lomi Lomi

by Chantal Lehmann

During a three-week stay in Hawaii between January and March 2000, I had the opportunity to learn Lomi Lomi with a passionate teacher who taught me the art of using my forearms. Lomi Lomi is a beautiful massage to watch. This method requires excellent stability in the feet and power in the legs because massaging with the forearms is more physical due to the forward posture it requires.

It is a practice during which one must know how to protect one’s back, take many breaths, and have excellent body flexibility to continuously move around the massage table in an artistic flow, like a Hawaiian wave!

The other techniques of the world

by Chantal Lehmann