Chantal Lehmann

Californian massage

Texas, The Green House, 2001

Release the pressure

The Californian massage is one of the most practiced body massages in the world, the one that can be found on all the treatment cards of international hotel spas.

It is characterized by long, enveloping and fluid movements. It is not yet “deep tissue,” even if the intention still depends on the practitioner. This massage remains light and can sometimes be stronger, but it requires an anatomical knowledge of the muscles and circulation networks. It is very well-indicated for relaxation, promotes sleep and acts on the circulation of fluids to detoxify tissues.

Learning Californian massage

by Chantal Lehmann

In the fall of 2001, I moved to Texas for three months to work closely with all the therapists at the Green House “Destination Spa.” During this period, I received instruction in Californian massage from experienced practitioners who also had a thorough knowledge of human anatomy.

Afterwards, I had the opportunity to travel to California to add the use of basalt stones to my techniques. These are heated and used to activate the blood flow in the muscle knots to save time. At the beginning of the massage, I warm up the muscles while locating the knots by working over the towel (not on the skin). At the end of this step, I place the hot basalt stones on the places with the most tension and let them work while I work on another area of the body. Then, when I return to the knots, they are completely open, and it becomes easier to “comb” them to heal them.

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