Chantal Lehmann


Paris, 2012

Vibrate to relax

Reiki is a Japanese healing method developed by the meditator and professor of theology at the University of Chicago Mikao Usui, which belongs to the energetic approach. Following a question from one of his students at the end of the year about healing with the hands, Mikao Usui (1865-1926) spent the summer researching the situations that Christ, Buddha and many others had been able to achieve during their pilgrimages. He started to do a lot of personal work, developed the Reiki method, and spread it worldwide. 


Reiki belongs to the so-called energetic approach, in which the practitioner intervenes in the vibratory field of the person. The benefits are numerous, such as reducing stress and depressive symptoms. This practice can even reduce particular pains.


It is a method very adapted for people who cannot be touched (burns, cancers…). It requires the practitioner to become a receiver of the universal and surrounding energy, then a transmitter to transfer it through the hands to the patient. This requires the practitioner to be in perfect health and in perfect energetic alignment without pain, without any state of mind, to be completely available to receive this energy and to transmit it.

Learning Reiki

by Chantal Lehmann

I turned to Reiki because it is a method that teaches you to protect yourself from the bad energies of others, to cleanse yourself and to use the energy around you. I realized during my practice that it was very easy for me to do.

I met a Reiki master, Siddhartha yogi Jean-Claude Milaguet, who took me under his wing, gave me some treatments, and taught me this method. I graduated in July 2012 in Paris.

The other techniques of the world

by Chantal Lehmann