Chantal Lehmann

Chantal Lehmann

Chantal Lehmann creates massage and holistic care protocols that are as effective as they are original, for your well-being and beauty. Atypical character inspired by Asia, Chantal Lehmann is an extreme masseuse with a perfect knowledge of the human body, whose precise gestures awaken your spirit. Her sophisticated massage rituals and her holistic approach to well-being offer you an extraordinary experience.

Chantal Lehmann's background

  • The childhood memory of massage

    The initiation

    Chantal Lehmann discovered the pleasure of massaging through the soft and smooth skin of her beloved grandmother. At the age of 6, in a discreet family atmosphere, she got into the habit of giving her grandmother massages before her digestive nap. Chantal's grandmother was the only one to touch her, to tickle her head so that she fell asleep, and to teach her the importance of breathing well. And, it is by immersing herself in the world of music through the piano that she will make of her hands real "instruments" virtuosos of the massage.

    From this tender relationship she kept the sense of touch, the taste of doing good. Rigor, precision, as well as respect for others and for herself in what she does, are all weapons inherited from her native Alsace and from her education.

  • Time to tame the body

    The revelation

    In 2004, with a DEUG in history and a BTS in cosmetology in her pocket, Chantal Lehmann left for Asia to launch her first Sisley skin care product. She finally stayed one more month at the famous Wat Po in Bangkok, "Temple of the Reclining Buddha", to learn the secrets of Thai massage. The weight of the body plays an essential role in this floor massage, during which knees, elbows and feet exert skilfully orchestrated pressure.

    It was in this temple, while massaging one of her apprentices, that Chantal Lehmann had a revelation. Almost in a trance, she massaged him for more than six hours without her or the master feeling the need to do anything else! From this experience came the need to consider holistic care protocols that are as long as possible.

  • Massage techniques and their virtues

    The obsession

    From Tokyo to New York via Hong Kong, Chantal Lehmann has been traveling the world for the past 15 years to perfect her knowledge of the body, of massages from all over the world, and to discover their many unsuspected virtues.
    To create her holistic massages, Chantal Lehmann is inspired and nourished by the teachings of the masters she has met during her travels. Shiatsu, Lomi lomi, acupuncture, reiki or yoga, Chantal never tires of learning new techniques to enrich her massages and holistic treatments.

    In Paris, she has been studying Japanese boxing with François Bernier for ten years. Concentration, fluidity and stability help her to massage with her eyes closed, as in a waking dream...

  • Prestigious credentials

    The consecration

    During her years of research and learning, Chantal Lehmann has worked for some of the biggest brands in cosmetology, well-being and spa.
    From Sisley to Nivéa, Chantal Lehmann's imprint is never far away! Whether for prestigious brands or young brands just starting out, Chantal Lehmann's expertise allows her to offer a high-end consulting service to many professionals.

  • The concept Chantal Lehmann

    The realization

    When she is not working as a consultant or creating treatment protocols for major beauty and wellness brands, Chantal Lehmann now passes on her knowledge to her team.
    Her experience allows her to identify the masseurs who are capable of receiving her teaching, and who can then carry out her protocols with the same dedication and know-how as Chantal Lehmann.

    With the best touch artists and other wellness experts, she shares a unique holistic approach to massage. Her travels and the great diversity of her knowledge give a richness and emotional depth to the exclusive holistic massages and treatments she creates.

  • The succes

    The future

    In addition to her ever-growing book of appointments, Chantal Lehmann's success is best measured by the many glowing articles in the specialized Beauty & Wellness press. While developing a professional massage training program, she is preparing to open new locations in Paris, in the provinces and soon in the major international cities. The address that was once whispered between "stars" is multiplying in order to respond favorably to a growing demand.

    Chantal Lehmann wants these new meeting places to keep everything that made the success of 175 Bvd Jean-Jaurès in Boulogne: confidentiality, exclusivity, conviviality, precision and customization.

Her trainings

Ongoing trainings: Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)

Wellness massage trainings: Tui Na (Hong Kong), Shiatsu (Tokyo), Reiki (France and Tokyo), Thai (Wat Pho Bangkok), baby massage (Montreal), Stone therapy (Los Angeles), Sophrology-Yoga (Tokyo), Pilates (Paris), Hawaiian (lomi-lomi), Korean Relaxation (Korea), Lymphatic Drainage, Foot Reflexology (Thailand and Hong Kong), Ayurvedic (Abhyanga, Kalari Kai Uzichil, Shirodhara)