Chantal Lehmann

The philosophy

Chantal Lehmann

“Our techniques are inspired by the knowledge of peoples for whom modeling and the holistic approach to care are family rituals inherent to the maintenance of good health, and are an art of living inscribed in their culture.”

Chantal Lehmann


of the Chantal Lehmann approach

Difference n°1

Creating meaningful care based on observation...

We must not produce by trend or fashion, but rather with respect for the individual. The marketing potential of the protocols is absent from Chantal Lehmann’s considerations. Her sole objective is to create effective treatments to heal pains by drawing the best from the world’s techniques.

Difference n°2

Taking the time to create quality care

It is essential, when creating a treatment protocol, to emphasize effectiveness through authenticity for an apparent result. The body is complex and its perfect mastery is essential to define quality protocols. This requires continuous training… and a lot of time. A brand marketing 1 treatment per month cannot have applied a thorough research on its benefits. 

Difference n°3

To maintain and deepen one's knowledge of body care

To rely on a thorough and precise practice, Chantal Lehmann spent 1600 hours learning about anatomy and physiology as part of her training in traditional Chinese medicine. Her knowledge is an integral part of each of her creations and teachings. 

Difference n°4

Always challenge yourself

The knowledge, experiences, and encounters feed a reflection that evolves continuously over time and that is enriched and perfected for the well-being of patients. CL regularly dips into its library of knowledge and techniques in order to further master them.

Difference n°5

Tailor the protocols to each individual

Each individual is different, each body is unique. Thus, the protocol to be applied cannot be derived from a generic and universal formula. This does not exist.  There are as many protocols as there are personalities. 

Différence n°7

A thorough knowledge of anatomy and physiology

Treating a patient and training a team on a new care protocol is accepting a responsibility: for a moment, a body is entrusted to us to heal. It is essential to master the anatomy in order to apply the care in an adapted and efficient way.

Difference n°7

The best of techniques from all over the world

Chantal Lehmann has developed her own treatments based on 25 years of travelling around the world, learning techniques that focus on the body, the mind, the emotions, the breath… One can find traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda, Lomi Lomi, Reiki, Shiatsu, Californian massage…

Difference n°8

A 360° approach to the body

Chantal Lehmann considers the anatomy, physiology, breathing and nutrition of her patients to create treatment. In addition to the treatment, she provides recommendations on the lifestyle to adopt. As an example, the College’s training courses are accompanied by a sugar-free diet.

A concept of holistic massages

based on a range of exclusive treatments

A unique massage,


Chantal Lehmann’s massage rituals are like musical scores in which introduction, theme and variations blend harmoniously with a unique rhythm and fluidity.
Based on precise and extremely sophisticated gestures, Chantal Lehmann’s holistic massages and treatments leave plenty of room for improvisation and customization. Listening to the muscles and organs under our fingers, we adapt the intensity of the touch with great sensitivity, like a pianist.

As gentle as it is effective, each massage or holistic treatment is unique, to offer you a unique and precise treatment.

Photo: Mathieu Baumer

6 prestigious massage rituals

Energizing, rejuvenating, relaxing or rebalancing, the holistic massages invented by Chantal Lehmann are original and last between 1 hour 30 minutes and 4 hours.

Long Ayurvedic gestures interspersed with Tui Na and Shiatsu points, a hint of reflexology and sometimes even breaks in Reiki, Chantal Lehmann’s holistic massages and treatments draw their strength from ancestral massage techniques from all over the world, where massage is a way of life.

The practice of full, complete and enveloping movements to release tensions is an inherent characteristic of all Chantal Lehmann’s treatment rituals. We prepare you to receive the energy you need to regain balance and well-being.