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Therapeutic Hatha Yoga

by Chantal Lehmann

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Location: In the Chantal Lehmann treatment room

Duration : 1h30 

Price : 180 euros

Hatha Yoga therapy

The energy of the body

Based on her teaching and experience acquired throughout India since 2013, Chantal Lehmann now offers traditional and therapeutic Yoga teaching.


Therapeutic Hatha Yoga

Each master class has a common thread that respects the values of this ancient yoga practice.

The number of students per master class is limited to 4 yogis. This allows Chantal Lehmann to take the necessary time to adjust the postures of each yogi and to enable them to memorize the postures in-depth and on a long-term basis.

To complete this careful spotting, we make you smile and grimace to spot the pattern of your facial muscles: on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes.

These master classes will introduce you to meditation (Dhyana, Samadhi), breathing (Pranayama), and yoga purification techniques (Krya Yoga). They will be conducive to good preparation of the body and the correct execution of each posture (asanas).

The session begins with a time of relaxation, followed by Pranayamas (yogic breaths), to prepare your body and mind for the following postures.

This master class will allow you to acquire all the fundamentals necessary to practice this very beneficial sequence and, for Chantal, the best medicine. You will work with her in detail on the twelve postures that constitute Surya Namaskar. 

You will become aware of the muscular chains to be activated. The instructions will always be given in the same order so that the body logically places itself. You will understand the opposite, combined, antagonistic actions and how to balance your energy in the whole body. Each yogi will have all the assistance they need to learn these movements and appreciate the transformations that take place during the practice.

Yin yoga is a static practice involving an extraordinary release because of its formidable effectiveness for the flexibility of the body and the spirit.

This yoga allows you to work on your emotional, physical and mental anchoring. You will use many objects during the practice to make the time spent in the postures as comfortable and enjoyable as possible. Cushions, bolsters, cork bricks, towels, and straps will be used as cues to allow your body to gently relax.

In this Yin Yoga master class, breathing will be given its rightful place: opening the rib cage and releasing the diaphragm. Your body stretches slowly and effortlessly. Yin Yoga brings deep relaxation in the long term by releasing a maximum of tension.

Practiced regularly, these asanas are little tools to heal your body most naturally.

The pituitary gland, hypothalamus, pineal body, thyroid, parathyroid, thymus, adrenal glands, pancreas, ovaries and testes make up the endocrine system. This system produces hormones released into the bloodstream and acts as chemical messengers that affect growth, sleep, hunger, reproduction and mood.

During our lives, we often go through phases of disruption of these systems, which disrupt our daily lives.

This master class will help you to live and accept these transformations in the most serene way possible.

We can imagine our body with big vegetable sponges inside, which would replace the organs and the muscles. Let’s pretend the sponges are full of soap. If we want to evacuate it, we must bring pure water and wring it out well, let them fill up again with water and repeat until the water becomes completely clear.

This master class highlights the specific asanas that will allow the muscles and organs to be wrung out to drain the toxins.

In summary, this session is part of the fundamentals, where each pose effectively maintains the body’s vital functions.

This master class is dedicated to the spine and its peripheral muscles, the arms and hands, and the pelvis. You need to work on stretching and strengthening for a healthy back and an upright posture.

The asanas in this master class will help strengthen the entire upper body, giving it back its presence in space.

The teaching remains traditional, emphasizing pranayamas, kryas and dhyana to start the class and a customized accompaniment for each yogi.

Hatha means "traditional" in Sanskrit

Some yoga practices are ideal for relaxation and inner peace. In the holistic spirit, signature of Chantal Lehmann’s treatments, these master classes will bring you total well-being and energy rebalancing.
Hatha Yoga is one of the most traditional forms of yoga. Its practice is slow, relaxed and allows you to refocus on yourself and to listen to your body. The postures are held much longer than in dynamic yogas, with the rhythm of your breath guiding you to meditation.

Our holistic approach

to breathing

Hatha Yoga brings together the best breathing techniques from various cultures around the world, learned by Chantal Lehmann from the greatest breathing masters. In the West and in the United States, people are looking for a toned body and are willing to do anything to get it, starting with physical exercise. Do you work out regularly? If they strengthen the abdominal muscles, the techniques of sheathing such as abs, Pilates, yoga and other buttocks, lock up the tensions.

As the “second brain of the body” and the cradle of your emotions, the belly traps the knots and traumas that have accumulated during your life. Deaths, accidents, fears, shocks, physical or emotional traumas, are all traumatic experiences and emotions that stagnate in you.

The breathing exercises included in the Hatha Yoga modules teach you to release them. Through the abdominal breathing classes, you let go until you break through the shell to release all the deeply buried emotions. Coupled with the breathing exercises, a precise work of pressure on the meridians allows you to access a deep well-being and to live a new experience.

The protocol of the HoliBreath course

During the HoliBreath abdominal breathing exercises, we help you regain your infant breathing. As an adult, we adopt reflex breathing, during which the head and body are completely disconnected. Performed in a deep relaxation, our breathing exercises teach you to breathe by concentrating on what you are doing, on your sensations.

For 1 hour and 15 minutes, you will practice rhythmic breathing with your mouth open. During the breathing exercises, your inhalations are long and your exhalations tonic. In various positions, you inhale and exhale through your mouth with the intention of sending the inspired air into your vital energy center.

While you practice abdominal breathing, we rebalance your energies by applying some measured pressure on the meridians.

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Chantal Lehmann is a creator of treatments who has been traveling the world for more than 25 years in order to learn different techniques of well-being and massage. She has translated this knowledge into unique treatment protocols that stand out for their effectiveness.