Chantal Lehmann

HoliDesign, body modeling

by Chantal Lehmann

By appointment only

Location: In the Chantal Lehmann treatment center, in Boulogne-Billancourt

Duration: 4 hours

Price : 600 euros

The objectives and benefits

of HoliDesign body sculpting

HoliDesign is designed to make you responsible for your lifestyle and aware of your body’s manifestations: pain, bloating, hair loss, sleep problems. It is a totally holistic approach to the self.

Our holistic approach

to your customized treatment

Before starting your body sculpting, we carry out your energy assessment, after which we create a holistic treatment protocol, a unique and intuitive ritual that can change course during the massage to adapt to our impressions.

Approximately three weeks before your appointment, a detailed questionnaire is sent to you with a test on the Dosha (in reference to Ayurvedic medicine). It questions your lifestyle: sleep, digestion, diet, pain. It aims to highlight obvious but unconscious manifestations.

This 4-hour session begins with an in-depth discussion about your health and lifestyle to understand the needs of your session. The results of the test sent by email are dissected to explain the manifestations of your body and its functioning. 

Each knot, each tension, is a treasure to discover and release. The session is long because the body needs time to become receptive. Time allows you to work through all your knots and blockages: you will gain a sense of deep relaxation, and profound well-being.

Techniques from all around the world

HoliDesign is a “Nirvana” journey where we take care of your body and mind through an inventive protocol that uses techniques from the four corners of the world.

Our knowledge, devotion, holistic approach to massage and ultimate sense of touch allow us to provide you with an exclusive, customized treatment for unique sensations that you will not soon forget.

The benefits

d'HoliDesign, of HoliDesign, body modeling by Chantal Lehmann.

This holistic massage, practiced on the whole body,  is a unique experience and original treatment provided by expert hands that brings you total well-being. By rebalancing energies and removing toxins, HoliDesign leaves your body feeling alive and re-energized.

This exclusive holistic treatment will restore your strength and give you a feeling of lightness, an extraordinary sense of calm and an incredible energy!


Payment is not possible online. You can fill out our contact form and Chantal Lehmann will contact you to give you all the details you need and to establish the payment terms.

Chantal Lehmann is a creator of treatments who has been traveling the world for more than 25 years in order to learn different techniques of well-being and massage. She has translated this knowledge into unique treatment protocols that stand out for their effectiveness.

Perfect to prepare the body to enter the new season, HoliDesign should ideally be received at least 4 times a year.
A monthly session will be a lifesaver in case of overwork or hectic lifestyle. HoliDesign holistic modeling is also an exceptional gift that is never forgotten…