Chantal Lehmann

HoliFitness® facial modeling - Young

by Chantal Lehmann

by Chantal Lehmann

By appointment only

Location: in the Chantal Lehmann treatment center in Boulogne-Billancourt

Price : 180 euros

The rejuvenating effect

of facial massage

The HoliFitness® Young facial is a massage for people under 30 who want to prevent the appearance of wrinkles. After observing your face, your facial session follows a fully customized protocol. Using abdominal breathing exercises to relax you, your face is ready to receive the facial massage that helps prevent skin aging. All facial muscles are used, alternately contracted or stretched, to rejuvenate your face naturally. By giving your face the HoliFitness® Young facial, you slow down the aging process by actually limiting facial sagging.


the appearance of wrinkles

This holistic massage for people under 30 has a double advantage. In the immediate, you benefit from a real radiance effect as well as a long term benefit to delay the appearance of wrinkles. The HoliFitness® Young facial is shorter than the HoliFitness® treatment, and therefore fits into the budget of younger people. In order to fully benefit from the HoliFitness® Young treatment, we recommend that you start with 4 sessions during the first 2 months before continuing with monthly maintenance sessions.


Payment is not possible online. You can fill out our contact form and Chantal Lehmann will contact you to give you all the details you need and to establish the payment terms.

Chantal Lehmann is a creator of treatments who has been traveling the world for more than 25 years in order to learn different techniques of well-being and massage. She has translated this knowledge into unique treatment protocols that stand out for their effectiveness.

To stabilize the effects of HoliFitness® over time, 4 sessions are needed for the first 2 months, followed by one session per month in maintenance.

To answer this question, we invite you to consult the results of the scientific study on the effectiveness of HoliFitness®. This one demonstrated wrinkle reduction on the face from the first session!