Chantal Lehmann

HoliFitness facial modeling

by Chantal Lehmann


A treatment to be done once a month to obtain maximum remanence.

Location: In the Chantal Lehmann treatment center in Boulogne Billancourt.

Duration: 1h15, please allow 1h30

The objectives and benefits

of facial modeling

HoliFitness® is THE facial massage that restores firmness, radiance and youth to your skin… and it’s scientifically proven. This facial modeling protocol is a real alternative to botox and hyaluronic acid: a 100% natural solution to give your face back its youthfulness. In the privacy of our cozy apartments, we invite you to discover an effective technique, the result of 15 years of research and observations leading to the creation of this rejuvenating facial HoliFitness®, by Chantal Lehmann.

Our holistic approach

of your facial beauty ritual

This extremely sophisticated natural facelift is a spectacular exclusive treatment that visibly rejuvenates the face from the very first session.

Your appointment begins with an extended observation session during which we study the imprint that the years and events have left on your face. Bitter lines or smile lines, crow’s feet, frown lines or sagging faces, each sign of aging, is noted to support the elaboration of the natural facelift that will rejuvenate your face.

To complete this meticulous evaluation, we make you smile and grimace to identify the pattern of your facial muscles: on the forehead, around the mouth and eyes.

As a direct result of the previous step, the facial massage protocol is 100% customized to your facial needs. 

The massage lasts 75 minutes, during which more than 400 gestures are used in a very targeted way to act effectively on your face and create a change from the first session.

Deep muscle stimulation

Supporting muscles, nasolabial folds, crow’s feet, cheekbones or the corners of the mouth, each small muscle responsible for the sagging of your face is worked. This facial massage generates deep muscle stimulation that resculpts your face and naturally reduces wrinkles.

The benefits

of your HoliFitness® session, natural lifting by Chantal Lehmann.

From the first session

An extraordinary holistic anti-aging treatment, HoliFitness® leaves your face rejuvenated from the very first session, while keeping all your expressions intact.

In front of the mirror, you will notice with happiness that the oval of your face is remobilized, your complexion is radiant, your features smoothed and your cheekbones enhanced. Your face, sagging with time, is literally resculpted by plumping! More toned, your skin is detoxified and has a luminous glow.

The WOW effect 

You are testing the WOW effect of a rejuvenating facial massage by Chantal LEHMANN, an addictive pleasure that will only increase with each session. You are now convinced that there is a real alternative to cosmetic surgery and injections to display a radiant beauty: plumping, facial massage by Chantal Lehmann.

When and how often should I receive Holiftiness®?

To stabilize the effects of HoliFitness® over time, 4 sessions are needed for the first 2 months, followed by one session per month for maintenance. The younger you start plumping, the more this anti-aging treatment contributes to slow down the appearance of wrinkles and to limit face sagging. HoliFitness® is also available in a “Young” version for people under 30 years old who want to prevent aging and face sagging.

The scientific proof

of the WOW EFFECT by CL

The natural facelift works!

The women’s press and other television programs are spreading the good news: natural lifting works! Conducted by the independent laboratory SpinControl, a clinical study has certified the effectiveness of HoliFitness® by measuring precisely its effects on the skin of the face.

196 days of test, 10 HoliFitness® sessions

23 women and 9 men aged between 38 and 60 years old participated in 10 HoliFitness® sessions, in order to test the rejuvenating power of this facial massage. Over a total period of 196 days, cheeks, temples, crow’s feet, nasolabial folds and other frown lines were examined, analyzed and measured according to a meticulously defined scientific protocol.

An immediate WOW effect!

It shows immediately after the first HoliFitness® treatment, one obtains an average reduction of 43,2% of the crow’s feet wrinkle volume, 36,5% of the nasogenian fold (percentage being able to reach up to 97,6%) and 34% of the lion’s wrinkle.

HoliFitness® is a natural beauty tip for a radiant effect before a big occasion. An extraordinary natural lift, HoliFitness® is the precious gift every woman dreams of…

94% of the people in the panel consider their skin to be “softer and smoother,” and 81% believe it to be “lifted,” “regenerated,” and “smoothed.”

An in-depth effect

on the firmness and density of the dermis

The results are purely due to the massage, without applying any product! We understand why 100% of them come out of their 10 HoliFitness® sessions “completely satisfied with the results obtained”…

HoliFitness® is your 100% natural alternative guaranteed in time.

100% satisfaction!

After ten sessions, 100% of the panelists judged their skin to be more toned, 97% judged their skin to be firmer and 94% found it “younger,” “smoother,” “regenerated,” “visibly plumped,” and “rested.” The forehead, eyes, brow area, nasolabial fold, mouth contour, oval of the face, all the regions observed, give rise to a high satisfaction rate (between 69 and 79%).


Payment is not possible online. You can fill out our contact form and Chantal Lehmann will contact you to give you all the details you need and to establish the payment terms.

Chantal Lehmann is a creator of treatments who has been traveling the world for more than 25 years in order to learn different techniques of well-being and massage. She has translated this knowledge into unique treatment protocols that stand out for their effectiveness.

To stabilize the effects of HoliFitness® over time, 4 sessions are needed for the first 2 months, followed by one session per month in maintenance.

To answer this question, we invite you to consult the results of the scientific study on the effectiveness of HoliFitness®. This one demonstrated wrinkle reduction on the face from the first session!