Chantal Lehmann


by Chantal Lehmann

The Holi Care

by Chantal Lehmann

Chantal Lehmann has designed care protocols adapted to each of your needs. This tailor-made approach is the result of an apprenticeship in the four corners of the world. Each of them starts with an understanding of your lifestyle and a reading of all the manifestations of the body.

The techniques of the world

by Chantal Lehmann

When Chantal Lehmann starts learning a new skill, she puts 100% of her energy into it. For example, she started practicing yoga ten years ago after meeting Lindsey Wise. And today, Chantal has 1150 hours of yoga training worldwide: in Khajurâho, Rishikesh, Koh Samui, and Chemuyil. Her open-mindedness, quest for knowledge, and sense of wanderlust were already there at the age of 4!

Discover the techniques of the world that are part of her knowledge!